Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oh, but the title is true.

I picked this name for this blog because this is what my mom used to tell me. That I, and no other, had the sweetest knees in all of Keene.

I no longer live in Keene, but I may still hold the record. I don't know.

I started blogging because my friend Minnie invited me to look at her posts from MinnieMoments. It was funny! From there, I read Holy Mama, which was also very funny. So I thought, what a cool outlet! I'll try it.

So here we go. Onward.

I like funny, and I have a lot of great stories, but I don't know what will come out as I write. We'll see.

This is good for now.


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Anonymous said...

dear sweet knees. i am not familiar with the term "sweet knees" at all.... a male acquaintance called me this and i am not sure if i need to slap him or smile at him. i'm guessing it's a term of endearment if your mother called you this. do you know the origin and true meaning of this term? you were the only google search that turned up that remotely explained... sorry to bother! :o) and thanks.


Welcome! Comment if you like. Give me ideas for historical fiction or other great books. Commiserate. Laugh (at me or with me.) Whatever. I'm letting go of some of my "stuff", and am in some sort of transition. Writing seems to do different things than just plain old thinking.